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Hike and Picnic in scenic Hudson highlands

Hike and Picnic in scenic Hudson highlands

Event Guest:
Hema Kesineni will be our guest for this hike. She is an avid all weather hiker and been inducted into Catskills 3500 club #3130 after successfully reaching the summit of all the Catskills High Peaks. Club was formed in 1962, and since then in its last 67 years of the history, she is the *first Indian woman* ever to complete this marvelous feat. Her journey through Catskills High Peaks took her through hundreds of thousands of steps, tens of thousands of feet of net elevation gains.

Benefits of physical activity:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children get at least an hour of physical activity daily. Physical activity has moderate to large benefits in a variety of areas including improving motor skills, skill-related fitness, social functioning and muscular strength and endurance.

Hiking provides a fun, safe setting for interacting with other children. They offer excellent opportunities for practicing social skills.

Hiking improves muscular strength and endurance. The strength gained helps balance, body coordination and visual-motor control. Strength and endurance are important for not only physical health, but also for taking advantage of social opportunities that involve physical activity.

Food & Water: Since we would doing a small picnic after the small hikes that our little ones will enjoy, please carry enough food and water/water bottles. Also please ensure that kids are wearing appropriate sneakers/shoes to avoid any injuries while hiking.

Disclaimer: Each parent is responsible for themselves and their own child’s safety. Warrior BuddiesTheraPlay is only a Meetup platform for parents and children to perform activities together and does not take any responsibility if either you or your child have any injuries. It is advised that you dress your child appropriately and always have them under your supervision to mitigate such risk of injuries.


September 15


09:00 am - 01:00 pm

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